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Bakery Website & Online Store

The Brief

Mr. and Mrs. Joyful of Joyful Baking Company didn’t have a website when we met in 2016. They were running primarily on their Instagram and Facebook pages. We approached them about creating a professional online presence to make it easy for their customers to find where they’re at, contact them, and ultimately order online.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project by researching some of their competitors. The unique thing about Joyful Baking Co is NO ONE is doing what they are. Definitely no one in their small town of Searcy, Arkansas, and those who have tried to compete will never do as well.

We created a website that appeals to Joyful’s ideal customer and sprinkled the story behind the brand strategically. 

The first goal of the project was to create an online presence. 

The next goal two and a half years later was for the customers to be able to order directly from the website.

The overall aesthetic of the website was modern, bold, and approachable with styles that complement the Joyful Baking Co brand.

The Result

After more than three years of working together, we are continuing to provide stellar service to the Joyful team as their website partner.

In 2019, they wanted to introduce online ordering so we helped them convert the website into an eCommerce platform that gets dozens of new orders weekly.

Here’s what Mr. and Mrs. Joyful had to say:

We can’t thank you enough for working so hard with us and making such a beautiful website! You make Joyful look so good! It means so much to us how much you actually care about our brand and our customers! We are so thankful for you!

–Mr. and Mrs. Joyful

Check out Joyful Baking Co

(and if you’re in the Searcy area and want to taste the most delicious macarons in the world, give Joyful a try!)

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