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Why hire a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer.

A virtual chief marketing officer, or virtual CMO, is a product offered by Imphasis to growing businesses. A lot of businesses have one main goal: growth. To grow, you need to have customers coming in. You need leads. And you need to have systems in place to collect, nurture, and pass ready-to-buy prospects to your sales team. The obvious solution here is to hire a chief marketing officer. However, the median salary for a CMO is about $170,000 yearly. For a smaller company, this may not make much sense. That’s why teaming up with a virtual CMO can help your company be just as effective, or more, without coming anywhere near that price tag.

As your company’s fractional chief marketing officer, head of marketing, VP of marketing, marketing direct, or whatever title works best for your company, we are the head of your marketing department. We work well with companies that already have a marketing team as well as companies that don’t have any marketing infrastructure at all and give them access to our agency team as your outsourced marketing department.

 We offer this service to our clients for an investment of only a couple thousand dollars a month versus tens of thousands each month when you hire full time. Schedule a call with an outsourced marketing executive today to learn how we can help your business reach its goals this year.

Why work with a Professional

Web Design Agency.

If you’ve ever tried building a website on your own, you know it can be a real pain. You’re too busy to have to learn how to build a website, even if it is with a drag-and-drop website builder. And, unfortunately, the results you will get from building your own website instead of having a professional create a website strategy and execute that strategy are incomparable.

Instead of spending your time on something that will barely move the needle, outsource the work to a dedicated website and digital marketing agency who is focused on getting you great results. We specialize in building affordable websites for business owners that save time and generate business. If that is something you would find valuable, schedule a call with a website strategists today.

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