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We have all had that moment where we have called one of the companies we do business with only to hear that we have been technologically transported to another country. Yes, we have all been sent to an outsourced company before! Yet outsourcing really does not always deserve the negative connotation it has been given, especially when it comes to outsourced marketing

What is Outsourced Marketing?

The term “outsourced marketing” does not have a hidden meaning. It is very cut and dry, plainly stated, black and white, and all that. It simply means outsourcing your business’s marketing efforts to a third party. Just like any other virtual team, a virtual marketing department can collaborate with an in-house team or it could replace the need for an in-house marketing team that perhaps has gone stale or lost its focus. 

A lot of companies are already outsourcing some of their advertising marketing today. The nature of the relationship may not be that foreign to you.

Why Should You Consider It?

There are numerous reasons to outsource your marketing activity. For the majority of businesses, whether small, large, or in-between, it just comes down to cost and effectiveness. Partnering with a third party team usually costs less and also delivers a better return on investment, or ROI, not to mention that outsourcing generally gives you access to a more broad collection of expertise to further your impact.

If you have considered working with an outsourced marketing agency but have wondered how it could work for you, hopefully, the information contained in this post will be the beginning of a simple conversation you can have with us. Let’s face it: none of us are experts in all of the areas that it takes to run our businesses well. Recognizing that, the team at Imphasis is here for you. 

We would love to schedule a time to talk with you about your marketing efforts. There’s no obligation or cost to set up a call. Please reach out today and let’s talk!

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Schedule a Website Strategy Call
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