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Are you like me and you want to get as many sales as possible to live that life you’ve always dreamed of? That definitely isn’t unnatural. I do a little happy dance every time I close a deal because I know I’m one step closer to my goals.

Wouldn’t it make sense for me to sell to anyone that could possibly come my way? On face value, yeah… it does. However, not everyone needs your product or service. And you certainly won’t be the best fit for everyone… and some of them would make TERRIBLE clients.

If you’re looking for someone or anyone, you’ll end up with no one.

It is important to be specific about who you are targeting. Who is your ideal customer? Where do they hang out? What characteristics do they have?

Once you are specific about that, you will have an easy time attracting your perfect customer and be able to build your dream life.

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Chad Kraft

Expert Marketing Strategist