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You loved Halloween as a kid. You loved Halloween as a teenager. And if you’re a parent, you loved the holiday just as much when your kids dressed up as baby Ironman or a Ninja Princess. Or perhaps, if you are like me, you loved it for the surplus of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or KitKats that existed for your consumption. We just did it to save our kids from all that candy, right? Halloween is just one of the most fun holidays, additionally because it usually begins to usher in the cooler weather as well.

Fast forward to today; you are now a business owner or a key decision-maker. What do you do with the beehive of activity that flourishes around this short-lived holiday? How can you cast a spell on your existing customers and those prospects you are targeting? Taking advantage of the calendar now and making the most of the unique and fun marketing opportunities is a great way to start. We are excited to educate you on the most effective way to incorporate a seasonal marketing strategy!

Here are some bewitching tips to get your creativity flowing.

Hashtags are Fun: Use Them!

When it comes to any internet marketing campaign, do not overlook the power that hashtags can infuse into your effort. For your specific Halloween idea, come up with a creative hashtag for your customers to use when then they show off their creations. Perhaps even have a contest around the hashtag that will reward a winner for using the dedicated hashtag as they share one of your products on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. 

Community Connection

Take advantage of other social events in your area by offering awards for the best decorations or costumes on the block. And if your city isn’t offering Halloween themed events, talk to others who run local businesses about hosting a community “Trick-or-Treat” or “Best Decorated” contest. There are tons of promotions and ideas baked right into a campaign like this. 

Promotional Products for Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is one of the most popular and widespread Halloween traditions. Your business should absolutely get involved with that by getting some branded candy wrappers made up with your logo on them! 

Don’t let your customers and prospects ghost you (see what we did there?) this Halloween season. Using this festive time of year to your advantage can be impactful to your bottom line. Whether you normally reach your customers through social media channels, email marketing, printed collateral (like signs, banners, or direct mail pieces), or a combination of all of these, Imphasis is eager to guide you to enjoy this season. We want you to have the most fun and most effective Halloween marketing campaign. If you are spooked about what steps to take next, we are here for you with no tricks, just treats. Now, where is that Reese’s Cup?

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John Boghos

Chief Wordsmith