John Boghos

Chief Wordsmith

Words have the power to solve problems and offer solutions. As a student of the StoryBrand Framework, John loves writing on any project, of any size, and of any magnitude. As a self-proclaimed wordsmith, he firmly believes that the words he writes should invite his readers into an engaging story that will help his clients survive.

The SUPER Beginners Guide to SEO

If you are like most people, the acronym SEO may not mean much to you. If it does have some familiarity, the definitions you have may not be fully accurate. Some of the explanations you come up with are something similar to this: “I know SEO stands for ‘Search Engine...

3 Tips to Effective Email Marketing

You have just been assigned as the owner of the task to initiate or take over the email marketing campaign for your company. Yet being the business owner, a key decision maker, or a mid-level marketing manager does not inherently mean that you know how to get started...