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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this page?

We built this page to answer some common questions we get about web design and marketing. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us on the contact page.

What is your process?

We take all of our clients through our proprietary process called the Imphasis Website Accelerator Framework which you can learn more about here. We start with a Website RoadMAP to create the strategy for your marketing website. Then we Build Your Foundation so we know what your website will be saying, where it will say it, what pages exist, and the general layout and wireframe of the site. Now, we begin designing the site and merging strategy and art. The next step is Ignite & Launch where we put the site through vigorous tests to ensure it’s ready for launch, and when it is, we launch it into cyberspace!

After the site has been launched, we provide ongoing care to ensure the website is always performing at 100%. Learn more about our process.

How long will it take to build my website?

Our favorite answer for this question used to be, “It depends.” However, we now have a straight and honest answer: as little as ONE DAY! That’s right. With the Imphasis One Day Website Accelerator, we deliver websites in as little as one day for our clients. Because of the nature of this program, it isn’t cheap, so we also have developed a standard process and timeline for clients who don’t partake in the “website in a day” program. Those sites are delivered in 6 weeks with active participation from the client.

How much will my website cost?

We pride ourselves in being upfront, honest, and transparent about our pricing. Our One Day Website Accelerator websites start at $8,000 whereas our non-expedited websites start around $4,500.

Who provides the content for my website?

All of our clients approach this differently. Some provide their own content, some hire an outside copywriter and photographer, and some hire us to build content for them. All of these are great options. We would recommend a professional to take care of the content if you want to use your website to generate leads.

If you choose to build your website in one day with our One Day Website Accelerator, we work with you to create content.


Do I need to buy my own domain name and hosting?

Buying the domain is the responsibility of our clients. We recommend using to order your desired domain names. We have a preferred website hosting partner in place who has been heavily vetted and meets all the requirements for the sites we build. We will assist you in setting up an account or will provide hosting for you if you opt-in to one of our website care plans.

We recommend that you set up email hosting on your own or use your IT company. If you need a referral to an IT professional, we have partners we are happy to introduce you to.


What if I already have a domain name and hosting?

If you have a domain and hosting account, great! We can get your site set up with what you have. We will, however, do an audit of your current hosting situation. If it doesn’t meet our minimum standards, we will move your site to our preferred hosting company.

Will my website work on cell phones and tablets?

Absolutely! We build our websites to work on all devices.

Do you build ecommerce websites?

Yes, we do. However, we specialize in building marketing websites for service-based businesses. If your project requires an online store, we will happily refer you to an ecommerce expert.

Do you provide training on how to use the website?

Yes. We train all of our clients on how to edit and maintain their websites.

Will people be able to find my website on Google?

All of our websites have SEO best practices in place and are designed to be found by popular search engines. For our clients who are interested in building organic search up as a large part of their client acquisition strategy, we have SEO packages available.

Can you help me with SEO?

Yes, we build our sites with SEO in mind and have SEO retainers available. 

Can you design my logo?

Yes, we have a team of graphic designers and strategists who can help build your brand’s identity.

Can you help me with Social Media and Email Marketing?

Yes, we will create a plan that covers all marketing aspects when we begin working together. If you would like us to implement your social media and email marketing, we are capable of doing so.

Do I need a website care/maintenance plan?

In short, yes. Websites are prone to attacks and hacking. The best way to combat that is by making sure your website is backed up and updated. We take a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach with our care plans to make sure your website is safe, secure, and up to date. Read more about our care plans and see pricing on our Care Plans page.

Will my website be ADA compliant?

We build our websites to be ADA compliant as much as possible. To safeguard anything we miss, we have partnered with AccessiBe to help make the web more accessible.

Will I be able to update my site after it's launched?

Yes! When your website is launched, we hand over the keys with the tank filled up and ready to go. We provide training for you to easily update the website when you need to. 

If you sign up for one of our website care plans, you have the ability to update your site on your own but also have the option to allow us to handle all your website updates for you.

Does my website come with a warranty?

We provide unlimited support for 30-days following the website’s launch for any issues that arise, as long as they are within the original scope of work. Beyond that, we only provide support for website issues and breakages free of charge for our website care plan members.

Does my website require any disclosures, disclaimers, privacy policies, or terms of service?

Yes. Every website on the internet requires policies, disclosures, and terms of service to be available and displayed. We have partnered with Termageddon to provide auto-updating policies and disclosure written by attorneys to our clients.

Who will be involved in building my website?

With Imphasis, we work closely with our clients and involve them with our team. Your project will generally consist of your account manager, your project manager, and your strategist. All these roles are covered by an employee of Imphasis. For some projects, we utilize outside contractors or trusted partners. All of our contractors and partners have been thoroughly vetted and we have a 3-strikes policy in place.

Can you design a site for me like my competitor's?

Can we? Sure. Will we? No.

We don’t believe in copying the work of others and believe in building our own strategy that will help you stand apart from your competition.

Who owns the website when it is launched?

When your website is launched, we transfer ownership 100% to you. The code and design are licensed to you indefinitely but remain property of Imphasis.