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One of the catchiest buzz phrases around today, especially in this COVID-19 working remote climate, is “digital marketing”. But what is digital marketing and why should you be concerned about it?

The most simplified definition of it is this:

Marketing activities executed over the Internet with the use of mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach current and prospective customers.

Chances are your company and department are already using digital marketing. And perhaps you just didn’t realize there was an actual term for it. Yet it makes sense to consider what your company’s strategy is for it. Do you have an actual digital marketing strategy planned out? And if you do, how are you managing it? 

First things first: let’s define what a digital marketing strategy is.

It is an actionable plan that assists your business in accomplishing digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels using paid or owned media.

In other words, much like SMART Goals, they are measurable goals that have accurately named where you are now and what you hope to accomplish by a set date in the future. 

How do you create a digital marketing strategy?

 The answer to this may not be all that simple to answer. Obviously, there are more to consider, but here are some basic steps to get you started on creating your own digital marketing strategy:

  • Segment your customer base
  • How did you earn their business?
  • Where are you engaging with them most?
  • What products of yours do they spend their money on?
  • Audit your currently owned media campaigns.
  • Brainstorm with your team to record your goals and the potential tools you may need.

Forbes contributor AJ Agrawal closed his article “How The Digital Age Has Changed Marketing Channels Forever” with these words:

The digital age has changed everything about the way companies market themselves. It has revolutionized the reach of small businesses while demanding more from already established businesses.

While many people have complained about this new world, it has spelled opportunity for many others. How has your company adapted to the digital age of advertising? If you are not sure how well your company has adapted or if you plan to at all, you are not alone in taking the next steps. Imphasis team members will partner with you to figure out where you are and how to put your plans into place. Reach out today to schedule a call. We look forward to speaking with you!

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